Fee Sheet Custom Codes, Code numbers

I’m using oemr 7.0.0(2) for reference

In the fee sheet, the section labeled “Select Code” (i believe these are called custom codes maybe?) there is a button called “new patient” and a button called “established patient” in addition to several other buttons.

Is there a way to toggle on the display of the cpt 4 code number (ex. 99214) in front of the text by the checkbox?

in other work, the window would show: checkbox | cpt4 code | code description.

The providers want to see the actual code numbers for the codes in all of the “buttons” in this section.

I couldn’t find an option to do this so I thought I’d ask if there was an option and i just wasn’t seeing it or if that’s something I’m going to have to modify the php file to make happen.

Also, can the codes in these sections be sorted by the code number instead of alphabetically by description.

Hi @bearzillasquatch -
Well, it’s not toggling between display states but you can show the code like you asked.


Look about 3/4 of the way down, in the section ‘Editing Codes’.
Add the text of the code to the ‘Description’ text box.

Also- I could be wrong, but if you add the codes to the beginning of the description (be sure to omit leading spaces) that might result in the entries being ordered by their code instead of alphabetically.

Let me know how that works for you!

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@htuck Thanks for the info. I modified the fee sheet “new.php” file to display the codes in front of the code text. Likewise i was able to change the “order by” part of the sql statement so that it orders it by the code instead of the code text.
This worked for all the buttons except for the “new patient” and “existing patient” buttons.
I’ll use your instructions for modifying those two things.

It is odd though that some of the buttons work one way and the others work a different way.

hi @bearzillasquatch , shouldn’t take any modification of code:

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@stephenwaite i had 100’s of codes that needed to have the codes added. As it turns out i only had to modify 2 lines in the php file to add the code and order it by the code instead of the text.

In this instance it was easier to modify the php file instead of changing a bunch of text in the list. And when i get asked to change it back I’ll only have to change 2 lines in the php file.

nicely done @bearzillasquatch , this might be nice to have added to the codebase.

you made a change to this line?

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@stephenwaite Actually the two lines i changed are…
in openemr/interface/forms/fee_sheet/new.php

in my file line 1043
"ORDER BY code", array($prow['option_id']));
it used to say ORDER BY code_text

And line 1052
attr($row['code']) . ':' . attr($row['modifier']) . "|'>" . text($row['code']) . " " . text($row['code_text']) . "</option>\n";
I added the . text($row['code']) . " " part