Facility Updates


Hi everyone,

With a big thanks to Brady, Merge pull request #658 from MatthewVita/facility_service · openemr/openemr@997c00a · GitHub was just checked into the tip of our development branch.

This is a rather large modernization commit that takes all of the facility interactions and puts it into a service. While nothing stands out to me at this time in terms of potential bugs, I ask you all to please keep an eye on anything that touches facilities in case there are.



wow @MatthewVita :open_mouth: ! where do you find the time? thanks for your effort and will be glad to test


@stephenwaite to be fair, I have been putting off the completion of this ticket for a couple of months now :slight_smile:


I may have overreacted :smile:, still it’s a huge undertaking for a volunteer, kudos


wooohooooo! woooohoooooo!!
(no such thing as overreacting to code contributions :slight_smile: )


lol :smile: