Eye Form : Communication with referring provider

(albanyeye) #1

Hi Ray

  1. in the eye Exam Form–> Communication Engine, when I click the fax button a PDF icon shows up. Hovering over the icon gives the message that the document was sent to the fax server. I do not see the fax as sent.
    I manually download the PDF and send to the hylafax server.
    Is this expected?
    Is there a way to have the PDF faxed the number shown as soon as the button is clicked?
    And then filed away to Document–> Eye Module -->Communications - Eye


And then there is this issue
2) sometimes I click on the PDF icon, I get the controller.php file downloaded!!
When this happens, I see the doc_id=0 in the in the address bar. Not sure why that is. Any ideas for trouble shooting?

(R Magauran) #2

I do not use hylafax. I send it to an email faxserver and that happens when i click the phone number. The pdf is then filed into Documents under encounters. That is what you are asking for and that is how it is supposed to work. Sounds like the hyladax is not linked correctly? There are others here who use hylafax with the eye form so maybe they can chime in.

5.0.2 will have more changes to this Communications area too. The “refax” icon was not working so i rewrote a significant portion of this.