Eye exam drawings not saving

Hi everyone,

I’m exploring to see if OpenEMR will work for the eye non-profit that I work for. Currently a brand new installation under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and OpenEMR 6.0.0.

I was attempting to use the Eye Exam module and particularly the drawing components. The drawing works for both Safari on Mac and Safari on iPad w/Pencil which is fantastic, but for some reason the images are not saving. I’ve confirmed that on the OpenEMR 6.0.0 demo that the drawings are saved as a .jpg file that can be accessed in the patient record.

How would I go about troubleshooting this? Also, what are the recommended file security settings for Linux for the OpenEMR installation?


Are you trying to access the files from the file system/file explorer outside of OpenEMR?

That may be due to a security setting that encrypts the files to prevent unauthorized access by unauthenticated users.

Are you trying to open the files in a different application?

Actually, it appears the files are there but it’s not displaying.

So, at demo.openemr.io, let’s say I open up a patient file, and create Clinical -> Eye Exam. If I create a drawing in the Eye Exam module, and I go back to the Encounter Summary, I see the External Exam drawings. See image below.

The files are also there under Report section of Patient reports.

But on my Ubuntu fresh install, in the Encounter Summary, the images are not showing

In the Reports section, those drawings are there, but sometimes duplicate images are being created.

I’ve since turned on debugging, and I now see this when opening Eye Exam module (domain name redacted), but I think unrelated because if I turn on the debugging on the demo site, a similar error appears:

TypeError: $(’#EXAM_KB’).draggable is not a function. (In ‘$(’#EXAM_KB’).draggable()’, ‘$(’#EXAM_KB’).draggable’ is undefined)
URL: https://**********.com/public/assets/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js?v=61
Line: 2 Column: 31677
Error object: “{}”

Did you apply the patches to get to v6.0.0 (2)?

Thanks for pointing that out. I did overlook the patch, and applied it over the weekend.

BUT, it fixed one thing and broke another. The issue regarding the eye exam drawings is fixed and is now showing in the encounter, but the iPad Pencil drawing capability is now broken as of 6.0.0(2). I have confirmed that this iPad Pencil drawing capability is not working in the OpenEMR demo site, but it is working in a test 6.0.0(0) OpenEMR test install that I just created on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install inside of a VM.

Any thoughts as to which part of the 6.0.0(2) patch may have broken the iPad Pencil functionality?