External database upload

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This should be one of the simplest but I just can’t seem to know where to upload. Direction I guess is for those that already know things like this.
I have downloaded the snomed and rxnorm zip files. “Instruction is to upload to directory “contrib/snomed and contrib/rxnom “ how or what steps to actually do this? Thank you in advance.


Hi. Next go to Administer->External Data Load

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Thanks APerez, thanks for replying. But that’s the problem. I don’t know how to place in the “Directory” first before moving on to your next directive

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Following are the steps to be followed for installing snomed database
• Find the root directory where OpenEMR application is running
• Copy the downloaded zip file and paste inside contrib/snomed folder
• Login to OpenEMR and navigate to Administration->other->External Data Loads
• You will find SNOMED. Click install button to install snomed database (as show in the figure)

Same procedure can be followed to install rxnom.

Hope it helps.Let us know if you know have any clarifications.


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I have this on Cloud Google launch pad.
Pls walk me through how to find
• “Find the root directory where OpenEMR application is running“. Still the same question :grinning: . I guess most have this on a webhost and can just get to it.

(ViSolve) #6

• Login to google cloud you will find vm instance with ssh button.Click on ssh to start the machine.
• Click on settings icon(highlighted in figure 1) and navigate to Upload file
• Upload the snomed zip file(figure 2)
• The zip will be uploaded in home directory.Move it to corresponding directory(contrib/snomed).

Note:The above procedure is applied only for OpenEMR without docker.


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Thanks visolveemr! I appreciate. I got to exactly where you stopped in this tutorial. I still cannot get to, or find the Uploaded file, can not find the directory :sob: