Expanding Office note

(Jeff Guillory) #1

Before we upgraded, when we open an encounter, the office note (CAMOS) would be open (expanded). Since the upgrade, the office note (CAMOS) is always closed and we have to click on expand to view it.

This causes a delay and a lot of clicking, to see what we want to see.

It seems that the previous version remember that I wanted the CAMOS expanded and this issue was not present.

It there a setting which will allow my CAMOS note to always be open when I look at an encounter.

Thank you.

Jeff Guillory
Lumberton, TX
NP Health Clinic

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @nursejeff ,

I’m also not sure where this happened (defaulted to everything being expanded in the past and at some point this was changed). Even during testing, this can be tedious. Anybody against changing this to where the encounter screen expands all the notes?