Error On Modules > Carecoordination

There seems to be an error when trying to access the CareCoordination tab under the modules, i have already added the settings on manage modules and etc, also ran the ccdaservice but i still get the error (connection failed). please help.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.1-dev

I’m using: Brave, Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: AWS Linux 2 server

please help.
here is the screenshot of the error:

@reymondko I had errors similar to this. In my situation it was caused by node.js not running and I also didn’t have node package manager installed on the server. Maybe this will help point you in the right direction or at least rule out a couple of things.

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yes but i have it on my server

In the readme use node.js version 18.13

thanks for the reply, but I am actually Using AWS Linux 2 and i dont think its allowing me to install node.js version 18.13. :frowning: hmmmm