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Error in next available shift (appointment)

OpenEMR 5.0.2 (5) under xampp in Win 10
Hello every one. I am having a very rare error. When I look for the next available shift, it only shows me until April 4, even though the agenda is scheduled until December 31. This happens to me only with a doctor and in a certain center, since the same doctor in another center has no problems. Just as a comment, this section with some doctors gave errors when modifying the number of days (by default 7) or dates, so I have modified it so that when requesting this option by default it shows the next 50. That way I never had problems . What I have only happens with a doctor in a center, the rest of the doctors in that center or even that doctor in another center works perfectly.
I tried deleting the time bands and putting them back and it remains the same, delete the smart cashe and nothing. I do not know if there was something wrongly recorded in the database and it does not identify that it has an open agenda

I wait for your help