Entering lab data

I am using OpenEMR v. 4.2. I wish manually to enter lab data. I reviewed a solution submitted several years ago, but I was unable to achieve the second level in the hierarchy suggested. That is, I was able to create the level for “Chemistry” and then for “Electrolytes.” But, I was unable to migrate to the next level in which “Electrolytes” was further defined according to Procedure Type and Identifying Code.

I will be very grateful for any help.

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-yes i amalso looking for a way to enter lab values.

@Robert_James ,

What specific problem are you facing?

Hello @Robert_James -
Have you looked in the wiki docs?

Two docs have helpful instructions on for how to configure procedures including labs, and how to enter results.

Start with the ‘Pending Review’ section (click #5 in the TOC at top of the page)
The docs have older pics in them but the actions and the controls are the same.

A newer doc showing a different example of the process is:
Start at ‘Review Procedure Results’ (6.2 in the TOC)

It would be useful to know what problems you are experiencing in result entry.
Good luck- Harley

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Thanks htuck,
i did create a ab > biochemistry > electrolytes> na etc.
all got saved but now how do i order a test for any pt?
how will the report come under “Lab” when we have a pt encounter?

Hi @Robert_James -
I was a nurse for a long time back in the paper chart days but still, to my mind OpenEMR has a peculiar way to order and process procedures.

If you have a 3d party lab interface integrated into your OpenEMR the order will be transmitted and the results will come into your system and be processed however your lab interface handles it. If you do not have one of those you will be using OpenEMR’s native Procedures module, which is based in the paper chart way of doing things.

See the section ‘Order the Procedure’ in the wiki page I linked to,
where it tells to open the encounter menu’s ‘Administration’ item and click the ‘Procedure Order’. From there you can add the procedure order to the pt record.

In other words, when the provider enters the lab order, it will need to be printed out and given to the patient to take to the lab. Then, when the results report returns, a staff- perhaps the Dr themself- will manually transcribe the results into the patient’s Procedures display as described in the section ’ Review Procedure Results’ further down the page I mentioned above.

A note here: if you do not have that encounter menu ‘Procedure Order’ item then your procedures have not been set up correctly. You could send along screenshots of the same shots included in the tutorial and we could try to diagnose the problem.
Best- Harley

I do not have it , isn’t it set from procedure configuration to each provider?

Hi @Mohammad
The menu with the procedure order on it is found in a patient’s encounter summary.
The logged on user must be an admin or physician, and have a patient record open.
Then open the encounter summary for the encounter during which the procedure is being ordered.
That encounter has a menu containing items ‘Administrative’ and ‘Clinical’ (and possibly others).
Click ‘Administrative’ and see the ‘Procedure Order’.


Best- Harley