Encounter tab manager sneak peek

We have been working on a new feature that the community can use in the near future (2021).
Good feedback welcome. We are going to try to make the version 6 release.

I want to thank a long time support Andrew Gauler, LMHC, CRC, CVE. His support helps to make our support of the community possible.


this looks like a great feature!

As the build process continues. The drag and drop feature has moved from concept to working feature.


If there is any interest in funding this feature. I would be happy to bring it back to life.

Hello Sherwin,

This will be a great great feature.

So, what happened to this?, funding held it back?

what kind of figure is required??, this could easily be crowd-funded i guess.


Nuhu M

@Nuhu_Mazai this was put on a shelf and forgotten. There was no interest at the time I published this. So, I moved on. I still have it on the shelf. I took it out after you asked about it. It is still there and wouldn’t take that much to move it into a module. That would be my preference now that I have gotten really good with the whole module approach.