Encounter Date Wrong for Locked Encounter

One of our clinicians created an encounter for the wrong date. The encounter has been locked and we no longer have the option to edit the encounter. We need to update the encounter date as it will impact billing. Anyone know the best way to fix/address this? Thanks in advance!

We are using Version Number: v6.1.0-dev.

hi @dmnlbh, you could note the account that the date was entered in error and hand edit the dos on the claim

Thanks Stephen! Would it be best to esign an amendment to the encounter or create a follow up encounter? I’m very new to this and I want to make sure we are documenting everything correctly!

That’s a good idea, I was thinking of a billing note in the past encounters and docs billing view.

I’m going to out myself here and acknowledge that I don’t know about billing notes or billing doc view. Just did a quick search to learn more and that didn’t help significantly.
I’m a quick study if you could point me in the right direction of learning more about both!

:slight_smile: no prob
clinical view of Past Encounters:

click on small To Billing View link:

Worked! Thanks for the help!

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