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Email Notification Time

Change the polling time for the database to send email

OpenEMR Version

I’m using: EDGE, New Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Operating System
I’m using: Desktop windows 10 1909 and Server 2012 r2

No logs.

I’m trying to change the polling time for the automation email and found in the database “automatic_notification” and a column called “next_app_time” and “next_app_date”.
The value for time is 05:50 and value for date is 2007-10-02.

Are these the areas I need to modify for the automatic email notifications? Ideally I’d like polling of the system for testing to occur every 10 minutes.

If not can you please direct me to the areas that need to be modified or any documentation on changing the polling times?

Thank you!

I did a quick search of the code and there is a readme file in openemr/modules and it says this.

To install backend notification processes you need to add
cron_email_notification.php and cron_sms_notification.php in system crontab to run
every hour.

To set the sms/email engine use the frontend Admin->Batchcom->Sms/email
notifications settings and adjust interface/globals.php accordingly.

Also need to comment out the exit command from the beginning of the scripts.

Thank you I will explore this and report back.