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"download_template.php " doesn't applying its' changing

Hello, I’m quite new to the OpenEMR and trying to make some custom onsite templates and got some questions. Hope someone can help me to learn more. Thank you.

  1. I am trying to call the Email information from the patient db and show it.
    Already tried editing “download_template.php” file. But somehow, it seems cannot recognize or catch the {Email} in .tpl file or something (Already tried bunch of different names…)
    Below is the code I inserted. Please anyone pick up the wrong part of it. Or what other things I can work on.

else if (keySearch($s, ‘{Email}’)) {
$s = keyReplace($s, dataFixup($ptrow[‘email’], xl(‘email’)));

  1. Is it able to insert a table into the onsite template?

  2. Not sure why the template locked up and cannot may any changes after saved even without signature.

Thank you very much!

1st off you have 1 too many close brackets in that command…

Oh sorry, i screwed it up it. The ) after [‘email’] shouldn’t be there…
I fix the post.

But still without that bracket, It doesn’t work.