Double Postings of ERA's


We have a customer who has been using OpenEMR 4.1.2 who has been posting ERA’s and finding that they are double reported when then view them in ERA postings. I checked the log and it seems to have reposted about 90 minutes after the original post. The customer assures us that they aren’t reposting them. The other issues we run into is a warning message appears that says “The check is not full” or something of the sort. For large checks, the status always states that the payment is unapplied.

Also, what is the reason for “without update” being automatically checked? What is the reason for even having the checkbox there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @growlingflea, from my experience double posting of era can only happen manually but usually use Fees->Billing->Eob link. Guessing you’re using the Fees->Batch payment era tab.

The check is not full usually is triggered by takebacks or other adjustments in the era file. It’s beyond the logic of the 835 script to post those amounts.

I’ll look into a fix for the without update always checked; sometimes you want a dry run to see if there will be unapplied payments first.


Great. Thanks. I guess I can always add a setting in Globals that sets the default value for the checkbox “Update Always”. I will let the customer know the reasons for the “without update” box. I will ask them if they want me to set it unchecked as a default. I have a feeling that the unchecked box may be the reason for the double submissions. The other solution is I can write a custom form that will display the last time the tool was used.


from a usability standpoint it would be nice when you first enter this screen that the default is not checked but it’s doing the opposite

an html checkbox has no value until it’s sent to the server so the first part of the ternary expression is zero when you first navigate but since it’s or’ed with the second part which defaults to 1 since there is no era file loaed the expression is true and the checkbox is checked

so it appears the creators of this script would like you to run the era through without update to see what you’re trying to post and then can go back and actually post it by unchecking it manually, the way to post era that i mentioned above is a little more risky but much more friendly to the user