Dose Full Stack Cloud Edition support OpenEMR V7+?

I am working on getting OpenEMR deployed using AWS. Initial deployment will be for a single clinic but will hopefully expand to more clinics in the future. One clinic would represent ~30 therapists using OpenEMR concurrently while seeing patients.

I am at the point of comparing the OpenEMR Cloud Standard and Full Stack editions. I am currently leaning towards Full Stack edition for the multi AZ availability.

My main sticking-point - Does Full Stack edition work with OpenEMR v7?

Why I’m not sure:

Massive thank-you to anyone generous enough to read and/or respond to this question and another to everyone who contributes to the OpenEMR code-base & community!

After some more searching I think I found my answer - Full Stack Cloud Edition is not Deprecated - OpenEMR Devops Overview

Time to start looking into Standard Edition vs the Fargate setup