Does OpenEMR FHIR have any API for Document Upload, and Can I combine Standard API with FHIR APIs?


I am implementing the OpenEMR FHIR APIs for Health Care, The problem I am facing now, I can’t see any Specific API for uploading Documents to OpenEMR like OpenEMR Standard API.

Does OpenEMR FHIR have any API for Document Upload?

Another question, Can I use some APIs from Standard Distribution and some APIs from FHIR Distribution for the same application?

Thanks in advance for your help.

NJ Nafir
Full Stack Software Engineer

Yes you can combine the APIs. Note the standard api’s only work for providers and will not work with patients.

In FHIR, there currently is not a mechanism for document upload. If your company wants to build that functionality out or fund developers in the community to build it, let us know.