Document files decoding

I have a question.
I am wondering if it is possible to decode a document form openemr/sites/default/document folder without the corresponding openemr database documents tab record.
I have the document folder from a previous installation of the OpenEMR copied to my hard drive. Unfortunately at that time I could not save the corresponding openemr mysql database file. I have matching pairs from previous dates that allowed me to restore the system to the date 2-3 months before the crash. Now I am only missing some documents that I uploaded over these 2-3 months. In fact I have the coded files on my hard drive, but I can not view them due to the database file been from earlier times prior to their upload.
Is there a way to decode these files without the corresponding database records in the tab - documents? Can I manually create such record?

sure @vik, here’s a script that might help

Thank you so much! Worked as a charm!

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