Disable Billing Feature


(Michael) #1


I am IT Support Tech that created a simple WordPress solution for the “Doctor-Patient” database and the payments are done in a more advanced POS system. which is fully loved and working well.

I really want to commit to OpenEMR but I can’t leave the beloved POS system, so is it possible to disable the Billing system or is it too much part of the whole system?

My team is currently happy with having a POS that manages payments and inventory but the current patient database isn’t really more advanced than PDFs. OpenEMR can best help if its possible to disable/bypass the billing so that OpenEMR continues as the advanced patient database with all other features.

at least for now, I will be hanged if i force them to move away from the current POS.


PS: am not a medical person at all, but willing to dive deeper if above wish is possible.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @sizomu, what do you mean by disable, how is it interfering?

(Michael) #3

Hi @stephenwaite, I currently i don’t want to migrate 2 systems at once (POS & Medical Report database). I can only migrate the Medical report database. but to make this work, Billing must be done in the current POS system while Medical Data will be in OpenEMR.

Current POS: inventory, payment, timeclock, income, expenses… (also running on LAMP stack).

OpenEMR: patient database, lab results, appointments, doctors and labtechs to record/update patients profiles and visits.

is this possible? or is impossible to use OpenEMR without billing module?

(Michael) #4

According to the Wiki (/basic_billing, /Pharmacy_Dispensary_Module) indicate that you can hide/disable the inventory & billing modules.

so i assume hiding/disabling this from everyone won’t break workflow in OpenEMR?

(Stephen Waite) #5

hi @sizomu, yes, you can ignore the billing.

(Michael) #6

Thanks Stephen, I have started planning the migration. am exited to start this project.

(Stephen Waite) #7

sure, when you have a moment to compare the billing system to the current development version, https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/Development_Demo

which POS system are they using? it’d be nice to compare the 2 so we can add new features and keep up, thank you