Development Docker SMTP email setup

Do we have any documentation for setting up the development docker images to send out e-mail messages for testing? I can’t seem to get anything on the localhost docker to actually send e-mail messages out. I tried the native phpmail and the sendgrid option (saw that sendgrid is on the docker image) but neither of those worked. I may need to just do the SMTP setup and use my own SMTP credentials to do this. Is there another way of setting this up?

I’m updating the credential message that is sent via email in the patient’s demographics screen and I want to make sure that will continue to work properly. @sjpadgett @brady.miller any ideas?

So I have a Mailgun account and I ended up using that for my email SMTP setup. The current Email / SMS wiki was a convulated mess and I’ve gone and added section headers and updated some of the documentation. Here it is: Sms and Email Notification Howtos - OpenEMR Project Wiki

I also added a section for configuring OpenEMR with Mailgun and have verified it is working correctly in case anyone is wanting to setup email sending for the OpenEMR (with or w/o docker). Mailgun pricing is $1/1000 emails so not that expensive. I’m on a grandfathered free tier plan but unfortunately they don’t offer that anymore.

Ken has a post on the forum on how to do things with GMAIL but gmail is deprecating that functionality as of May 2022 and moving to an OAUTH2 flow for mail authentication. GMAIL volume is limited pretty heavily anyways so I wouldn’t recommend people go that route anyways.

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@adunsulag , for development/testing purposes been using smtp which was easy/quick to setup an account on sendgrid and free for low use.

I originally used Sendgrid for my company, people should be aware they have had ongoing issues (as of October of 2021 (which is when I switched) with low deliverability rate to hotmail and microsoft live accounts for anyone not running on their dedicated ip option.

Still the fact they have a free tier still is a good option for people to use for testing.

Hi @adunsulag @brady.miller and @sjpadgett .
what version are you testing?
I have version 6.0.0(3) in production on a win server with xampp, but I don’t have the options to put the body of the mail, I don’t see any new options.
I have tried with different servers and even with the mercury configuration tutorial on the wiki, although mercury sends the mails, I have never been able to get openemr to do so.
A new tutorial with all the steps from the beginning would be excellent, both configuration in the openemr interface, as well as the scripts and the need to perform cron tasks, for the different options, whether free or paid. I am willing to perform the tests that you suggest.


Most professional services require you to use SSL or TLS which in your screenshot is the Protocol de Seguridad SMTP. You selected Ninguna (or None in English) which most likely does not work with your email service provider as pretty much every email provider requires you to use a secure protocol (TLS or SSL) for your emails. Most likely you will need to put port 587 or port 465 for your email sending.

I have not needed to mess with the SMS or cronjob for email notifications so I haven’t tested that piece. I specifically was focused on the emails we send out for password notifications and credentials reset so someone else may be able to help you with that. I do know if you sign up for a mailgun account and follow those instructions that our emails are sending out with the settings I put in that Wiki page. It sounds like SendGrid works as well from what Brady is saying.

Thank´s @adunsulag . The image was just an example so that they could see that some options described, such as the body of the mail, are not included. I have tried smtp servers with ssl, tls, etc. but I haven’t been able to get them to work. Basically, what I want is for appointment reminders and scheduled emails to be sent to notify the patient that they should be controlled.