Deploying AWS instance with custom forms


(Peter Dobbs) #1


I’m brand new to the site, but I’ve been reading up on the docs and trying out a few of the different kinds of template form customization. I’m working on a student project to deploy an instance of OpenEMR. Our goal is to customize it for the needs of a mental health clinic (our github).

My team and I have been able to somewhat successfully build new encounter forms based on The Forms API. We’ve been testing them on the XAMPP localhost, but I was wondering if it is possible to do the same for an AWS instance. So - to start with - are there any large hindrances in customizing the AWS instance of OpenEMR?



(Dan Ehrlich) #2

No, if anything OpenEMR is designed to run best on AWS.

There is even an official image on the AWS marketplace you can launch.

Feel free to customize. If there are AWS specific issues you run into, we have experts here who can help (e.g. AWS architecting is my full time job).

I would absolutely encourage you to use AWS above all other options (other than maybe Google Cloud).

(Peter Dobbs) #3

Is there any documentation on adding customized forms to the AWS instance? I’m trying to add forms like how I was able to add forms to my XAMPP instance, but I’m struggling.