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Team sorry it might look stupid. I am new to open Emr and I am trying to setup a small solution for a charitable hospital in India. I need some help here. India from demographic standpoint we Have country -India level 2 State - Example - Tamilnadu Level 3 District Kanchipuram level 4 Panchayat level 5 village. Is there some way how do. I get these created. If you guys can guide me nothing like it. I am using open eme 6.0

  1. Using Admin menu, modify State list as
    in.1 Tamilnadu
    in.2 …
  2. Create new lists for each of needed levels with entries as
    in.1.1 Kanchipuram

    in.1.1.1 Panchayat name 1

    in. Village name 1
  3. Modify patient demographics form by adding new fields with source as appropriate list defined in prior step.

Be aware if you need any filtering e.g. level 3 entries only for correct level 2, you will need to modify the programs.

I don’t see the admin page having state list. Sorry if I am being foolish. I have downloaded version 6.0.0. Let me know if I am missing something. Do we have separate set of screens to manage master data such as demographics. Also where will i find developer guide to understand the data model mapping and so on.

It is inefficient to use this as a learning platform. It would be faster for you to search this site and google for openemr layout lists.

Best luck.

I already did. Got it thanks

Go to Administration -> Forms -> List (Menu)

Add a New List for Indian States, District, Panchayat Union, Village (Separate List for each category)


Go to Administration -> Forms -> Layout (Menu)
Select “Demographics” and in Demographics Layout, click “Add Fields” to use the list you create in above step

Hope you got the point. Ping me back if you face any issue.

Am happy to assist you


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