Delete patient button 404

I think I found a bug?

The delete patient button is referencing the root of the application. So if you have OpenEMR in a directory (like I do) like /emr/ then the resulting URL and modal will result in a 404.

This is what it references in my instance:

It should be:

I’m running 6.1.0 (1)

Any thoughts on this? Could it be some sort of misconfiguration somewhere? I don’t see the Delete Patient button in the demos so can’t really compare that.

Delete Patient has to be turned on manually in the Admin → Globals → Features setting. Its near the bottom of the features to turn on. Once you turn it on, there is a red button called “Delete Patient” on the patient dashboard page when you first open up a patient from the patient finder on the right of the screen.

So you can turn it on the demos and compare that way.

Thank you. The code in GitHub worked.