Delete a LBF form

Hello, I have created some forms to test, and now I want to delete some of them, I searched the forum, but there are instructions on how to do it in old versions:
“Go to Administrator->Lists
Select “Layout-Based Visual Forms” from the select box
You will see the list of LBF forms you have created”
But in the current version I can’t find the way to do it, could someone help me?

Hello Ducketzon

You can inactivate the LBF form that you not needed.

In Layouts - select the form and click - “Layout Properties” button at the top and in the popup - uncheck the “Active” checkbox as shown below.

This will inactivate the form. Later you can also click “Include Inactive” checkbox to see all the inactivated forms also.

Hope this helps.

Thank You
Infeg Team /