Default facility for users must be a billing facility to populate on drop-down. Why?

(Daniel) #1

Hi everyone. I noticed that when specifying a default facility for a user in 501 in order for the facility to populate on the drop down, it must be a billing facility.

Here is the code:

This doesn’t make sense for clinics that have multiple sites but one billing facility. Is there something I am missing?

When I look at the facility specific information it shows different information

Would be be OK if I changed the “getAllBillingLocation()” to a getAllServiceLocations()?

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @growlingflea, though the facility_user_id table exists it hasn’t been implemented anywhere else in the codebase.

thinking the only prob might be for a billing provider that isn’t attached to a billing facility

(Daniel) #3

I got it working. I just changed the function name. Easy peasy