Dealing with Wrong Payment Entries

(Ben Zoro) #1

Using 5.0.2(1), how do we deal with clerical errors pertaining to wrong payment entries? for example, a wrong payment method was selected, or wrong amount entered?

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Benzo, can you void the checkout and redo?

(Ben Zoro) #3

hi @stephenwaite, how do I void it?

(ViSolve) #4


For a wrong payments made there is a revert option available in OpenEMR.

Please follow the below steps to revert the wrong payments,

  • Go to fees->posting.
  • Enter any criteria such as check number or payment date to search for the payment made.It will show the payment details.
  • Click on the invoice number that will redirect to a screen named “EOB invoice”.
  • There, you can notice a checkbox for delete option.Select the box to delete the payment made.


(Ben Zoro) #5

Thanks @visolveemr

Exactly what I was looking for.