Customize the calendar for each provider of the facility

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Hi i have a question, is possible customice the interval of ours in the calendar for each provider of the facility, for example, Dr A, have intervals a 30 minits for visit, but the Dr B, have interval a 10 minits for visit, and the Dr C have interval a 20 minits for visits Is possible?, Thanks

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Any people help me with this question? thanks

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Unfortunately the length of an appointment block is set in the globals’ Calendar settings, the ‘calendar interval’ item, so they apply to all providers’ calendars. You could do a work around by setting the basic interval , for your example, at 10 minutes, then for Dr A, make their visit occupy 3 intervals; Dr B’s appointments would occupy 1 interval, and Dr C’s 2.

Creating ‘visit categories’ might be one way to accomplish this without having the scheduler manually select the number of intervals for each provider’s encounter.

this is an older article that might have helpful information.