Credit card processing

The new Sphere payment processing module by @brady.miller looks pretty cool, though I’m not familiar with the TrustCommerce platform.

Does anyone know if that will work with an OpenEMR cloud deployment plus a card reader, or will it require the reader and the EMR instance to be on the same LAN (like the current Stripe integration requires)?

Hi @snailwell , planning to have support for this feature in the next patch (hopefully in 2 more weeks). Still need to do an update on development side of things that will take about a week or so before can proceed with patch and then folks should be able to onboard with the module at that point.

The reader (I tested with; there are lots of options with Sphere) uses a keyboard usb driver (so it basically works on any OS without any special drivers) which is connected to the user’s computer via usb. You basically select the input test field in the window, use the reader, and then click pay. so, it does not need to be connected to the EMR instance server at all.

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hi @snailwell and everybody else,

The Sphere payment processing module is now available:
Sphere Payment Processing Module - OpenEMR Project Wiki

Plan to officially announce it sometime over the next couple days.


Congratulations Brady, I know a lot of work went into this!

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I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

hi @sophisticated_acquis ,
Did you sign up with Sphere and get all your credentials?
Anything showing in the php error log?

Yes! I signed up entered all the credentials (ecomm,retail, moto) in the proper places within Globals–>portal and Globals–> connectors. Nothing in the portal log, nothing in the docker php log (/var/log/apache2/error.log) . The only PHP errors I see is a parse error of one of the forms that I created.
I can login to trust commerce with the info provided.

The only thing I can think of is this line that was written in the instructions which I am not sure I have done.

  • The global Connectors->Site Address Override needs to be correct

@sophisticated_acquis ,

Does it happen when try both buttons on that page:
Credit Card Pay in Person
Credit Card Pay over Phone

global Connectors-site Address should be your server, for example (this is important for the callback to happen after you do the transaction with sphere in the popup, so it should not break the initial popup though):
(localhost will also work)

Ensure you are using https

If still not working, then send me an email at with what you see if you right click on the broken popup and do This Frame->View Frame Info-> and send me the site path (it has things in there that are private so best to email them).


Try to toggle on/off the Set Gateway to Production Mode setting

It happens in each scenario along with patient side portal. I had the site address correct, so no issue there.

I just toggled on the production mode, and the pop up actually appeared! I guess we may not have test server access for some reason in the code it looks perfect, no syntax errors or anything, the php logs inside docker did not throw any errors. I will test with a small amount in production and share what I see.

This is in the patient portal. For your knowledge I am currently running Openemr Standfard Cloud 6.0 Patch 4. The RDS that I am using is MySQL 8.0. I will likely be moving to Openemr 6.1 anyway, so if I can’t this table entry created, maybe the next version has already addressed this issue.

@sophisticated_acquis ,
Patch 4 6.0.0 should of brought this table in. After you brought in patch 4, did you run the sql_patch.php from the browser?

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LOL. I did not. I secured it by blocking off access to http with auto forwarding to https. I have to turn it off, run the script, and then turn it back on. I had not patched it. This what happens when you try to do something in 15 minutes, say you are coming back to it, and simply don’t. I may go ahead and just move to 6.1 so that I don’t have to think about it for a little while.

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