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Creating new drop down list

I want to add new drop down list in the popup that apprears when we click on image in graphic pain map. just like “Pain Scale”. How can i do this? i added another select options in general_view.html but How can i assign values to it just like in pain scale?

Can you attach a screen shot of what you are talking about. Also, please make sure you aren’t posting any PHI.

i want to add more select fields here i added one but it wont work for saving and even cant do any ajax operation. it is linked with smarty and i dont know about smarty

It appears that these values are hard coded in the file C_FormPainMapClass.php. In general, these values are stored in Administration -> Lists.

You can modify this array to add extra values. If you don’t feel comfortable modifying this on your own, I can assist you.

I created a new annotated markup module a few years back and have meant to donate to project. It still needs some work to meet our coding standards but not much.
I’ll give it to you guys if you will get it into openemr.
Select diagram:

add markup via right click for shading options

And report in encounter summary

The same legend for old form still exist and you can add as many new diagram images by copy to a directory.

Thank you @growlingflea. I already found this and they are using smarty I think for a popup that is where I have a problem in understanding. They had done hard coded.

Thank you @sjpadgett where i can get this one?