Creating invoice from Layout based visit forms


(Jeremiah Ocasio) #1

I am in the process of creating a custom procedure list for checklist selection that allows for billing to be set via list with procedure codes tied to them. Just wanted to know if anyone has gotten through this portion of it prior before I continue. Here is the process for setup as I have it so far with a bit more work to do to link in the actual bill with options for discount in LBV form.

field 1 - Checkbox(es) field with list pulled from list of body regions
field 2-10 - Checkbox(es) fields with each field having a different list of procedures all with do not show unless body region is chosen in field 1.

I have a custom front end code in static text that puts in price per procedure based on checkbox selection that is outside existing framework but want to know if there is a better way anyone else might have as a suggestion as it requires me to then link in the output to the db with the patient id to create a bill. The printout works as an invoice but the bill in system linking is still to be done.

any suggestions welcome and I’m happy to share what I have if anyone wants to take a look.