"Create Visit" error

Receptionist has front desk and accounting access. If she opens a patient and goes to Patient/Client drop down menu and under “Visit” then “Create Visit”. The drop down menu for “Visit Category” has no categories listed.
The list is there under any administrator profile, but it does not show up under any other access.

OpenEMR Version
5.0.1 with Patch 3

Edge and Chrome

Operating System
Windows 10

Did not check the logs.


By default, OpenEMR doesn’t provide visit category access for Front Office users, so we need to update ACL.

The following are the steps required to update front office ACL :

1.Login as Admin user

2.Goto Administration -> ACL

3.Select front office - write ( option )

4.Enable “Notes - my encounters (write,addonly optional)” to front office users.

5.Login as front office user and check

Note : if you want to give visit category access to any particular user group then please follow the above steps for that usergroup.


Great thanks!

The user’s account had the access in previous versions, it’s only with the upgrade to 5.0.1 that it was no longer available.

I will try your solution and confirm if it works.


Just confirming that your instructions worked and the feature is back.


Hi !
Addind that ACL, FrontOffice Clerk is able to open an encounter and fill up Clinical Forms, is that ok?