Connectors settings: how to fill

I am trying to configure openemr for REST API data export, but I do not know how to fill these fields in the Admin/Globals/Connectors screen:

Gateway Publishable Key
Gateway API Login Auth Name or Secret
Gateway Transaction Key.

Where can I find information on how to proceed? Thanks!

@sergiors Are you trying to use the FHIR api to do the export?

Yes, that would be the first step

If you are trying to use FHIR you should read the API documentation. I don’t know where you are getting this Gateway Publishable Key thing. The FHIR api documentation can be found here:

Just be aware that you will need to grab data by querying each individual resource endpoint. The bulk $export currently does not include all of USCDI clinical core data set. The bulk $export right now only does Patient resources I believe. In a couple of weeks we will have all of the USCDI in the $export operation which will go into our master release branch. At some point after that it will go into a 6.0.0 patch.

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The 3 fields which trouble me are in the Administration/Globals/Connectors screen.

There are also 2 pages that refer to API/FHIR and I do not find any indications on how to fill them:

  1. in Administration/System/Api Clients there is a page named “Client Registrations”, for SMART Apps.
  2. There is a page named “App Registration Form”, with no indications on how to proceed.

Have you ever used an OAUTH2 authorization system? What kind of client application are you trying to use to access the API?

I have no experience with OAUTH2. I need to export data to a Swagger API like this one