Condition.code.coding.system is not populated in FHIR output

Hello everyone,

When adding a medical problem to a patient, you can choose to add a code to it (ICD, SNOMED, etc…).
However, when querying the condition with FHIR API, the system is not populated.
(For exemple, Snomed it should be =, for ICD-10 it should be “ICD-10”)
Do you know if it is suppose to happen ?

I’m using OpenEMR version 6.0.1 in linux

@srrg are you sure your version is 4.0.1? That’s a really old version of OpenEMR and I’m pretty confident FHIR is not in that version. Did you meant to say 6.0.1?

yes, sorry 6.0.1. I corrected the text.

Hi Sara,

So I went and investigated the issue with the code system not displaying for you and it looks like the code system was added in August 2021 and that’s available in version 6.1.0 (not the version 6.0.1 you are on). If you are going to upgrade I recommend upgrading to version 6.1.1 to get the latest fixes on that release.

If you need to stay on version 6.0.1, I’d recommend looking at the fixes I put in the following commit which added the system element.