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Computer Specs for OpenEMR

I am hoping to run 6 devices (5 Doctors, 1 Receptionist) simultaneously off of a Computer.
I need some guidance as to what specs would get the job done. 6 Computers will be simultaneously using OpenEMR installed on said computer.
These are the specs that I have chosen:
i5 3750
16 Gigs RAM
120GB SSD (for openEMR)
2TB HDD (for frequent backups)

Want to Run OpenEMR 6.0 on Windows.

would these specs suffice?

Yes, the specs are sufficient to run OpenEMR for the size office you state and larger.

Sorry I meant Intel i5 3570.

The main thing im concerned about is lag. Since the staff isnt very tech savvy I want something that will be able to handle the load of 6 Computers and wont freeze on them. is this processor enough?
apologies for repeating my question.

Running OpenEMR on a Linux box will give you what you area seeking in up time and responsiveness.

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