Hello everyone,

We have been trying to connect to Open-EMR via an external user and upon registration, we get stuck.
We are using Windows 10 64bits + XAMPP (Apache running on ports 81 and 8080. MySQL running on port 3306).

Since we have a different port, we are running the following:
-In the cmd.exe AND powerShell(gives back a 404):

curl -X POST -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -i
https://localhost:8080/openemrv6/oauth2/default/registration --data "{""application_type"": ""private"", ""redirect_uris"":[""http://localhost:81/callback""], ""client_name"": ""RocheST"", ""token_endpoint_auth_method"": ""client_secret_post"", ""contacts"": [""""],""scope"": ""openid api:oemr api:fhir patient/""}"
  • With Postman (it also gives back a 404):
{   "application_type": "private",
   "redirect_uris": ["http://localhost:81/launch"],
    "initiate_login_uri": "http://localhost:81",
    "post_logout_redirect_uris": "http://localhost:81",
   "client_name": "RocheST",
   "token_endpoint_auth_method": "client_secret_post",
   "contacts": [""],
   "scope": "openid offline_access api:oemr api:fhir user/"

In all cases, it seems that it can’t access the link, meaning the problem is not in the data since it can’t even reach it.
Did anyone had this problem? What did you do to be able to solve it?