Clicksend: SMS, MMS, Email, Fax, Voice - Anyone using this?

(R Magauran) #21

It’s not just the Recall Board.
It is anything that uses the function tabYourIt()…

(Brady Miller) #22

yep :smile:
(don’t worry, once you deal with one issue; going to a frame rather than a tab, then the others will be easy to mimick; rec looking at how it is done in codebase at places that use ‘top.tab_mode’ javascript variable).

(Brady Miller) #23

One more thing that can be helpful. In some places (mostly me), I used the PHP global new_tabs_layout for places where tabs and frames are different. So, can search in the codebase for those examples also. I do think using the javascript top.tab_mode is a cleaner way, though (thank you @sjpadgett for starting that, btw).

(Sherwin Gaddis) #24

@rmagauran Is there a Wiki for the Recall Board?

(R Magauran) #25

Not yet but there are some videos that may be helpful.
Here is one:

(Sherwin Gaddis) #26

I have a suggestion that when in a patient chart can the feature assume that is the patient that I want to schedule the recall for verses making me search for the patient again?

Just asking :grin:

(R Magauran) #27

It gets complicated with tabs and all the sub frames to know exactly which patient you are referring to… The frame you are in would have to know who you are talking about, who you want to add a Recall for.

When you say you are “in a patient chart”, can I assume you are looking at their demographics page? I think it would be easy to add a button there, say for instance a “Recall” button (pulled to the right) in the title bar of the Appointments widget?

If you are in an Encounter, “Add a Recall” could be added to one of the current “Encounter submenus” (Miscellaneous - Administrative - Clinical - Carecoordination).

What would be your preference or is there somewhere else a “direct link to create a New Recall” would be used? Understanding of course that very few people have looked at this feature yet so other’s workflows may be different. We don’t want to add a button that wouldn’t be used - it would only further complicate the UI… My thoughts would be in the Encounter submenu for a provider clinic, demographics if a secretary is adding it. Other ideas please?

(Brady Miller) #28

hi @rmagauran ,
How about using the $pid variable? (this is always set to the pid session variable, which is the patient displayed in the top frame in both tabs and frames view).

(Sherwin Gaddis) #29

What @brady.miller said.

That is too many buttons to be sticking all over the place.

(R Magauran) #30

I agree.

Pull request for this feature is here. Tests well on my end…

(Vidya M J) #31

Hello Dr. Arnab,

I am finding it difficult to send sms/email notifications to the patients using openemr as there are no specific video modules to assist the procedure. Could you please help me to fix this by posting a detailed step by step procedure to the problem. Also could you tell me which sms service pack should I be using in India. Does openemr support gmail service