"Check that mysqld is running"

Hi everyone,
I am running openemr 5.0.2 (5) on win 10 with xampp php 7.4. Everything worked perfect, I even have 3 different installations running. Suddenly in one of the installations the following message began to appear when wanting to access “Check that mysqld is running”. The others continue to work well. I clarify that no modification was made to the database or the code. How can I solve it since apparently it has nothing to do with xampp.
Thank you.


It sounds like mysqld is indeed running if the other two instances are running, so it’s hard to imagine what could be going on here. Consider checking the PHP log of the misbehaving instance to see if it has more advice, and you might look at the relevant sqlconf.php to see if something weird snuck in there. Since I’m not really familiar with either XAMPP or multisite I can’t give more specific advice; I generally run everything from Docker containers, which are generally fairly resistant to this sort of bizarre tomfoolery.

I never understood why my mom always accused me of this! I didn’t know who Tom was…

The sqlconfg.php file is well configured.