Changes to the employer tab

(system) #1

teryhill wrote on Wednesday, March 11, 2015:

Noticed while working on the demographics page that when the global omit_employers was checked the employers tab was left in demographics with no data on it. Added this to allow the tab to
go away also.

(system) #2

bradymiller wrote on Thursday, March 12, 2015:

Committed this fix to the codebase. Thanks for the contribution!

(Raimund Engel) #3

Hi guys,

it seems the >omit employers checkbox messes up the other tabs in demographics. When it’s checked, the tabs for >Stats and >Misc are only correct in the EDIT mode.
In the normal view
->Stats is completely empty,
the >Stats fields can be found under >Misc,
the >Misc fields move to >Custodian
and the >Custodian fields are gone.
I can replicate this in the official demo (OpenEMR 5.1 (7)), do maybe there’s a minor error in the code?

Thanks for looking into this!