Cautions when editing the fee sheet's custom service codes and possible bug?

Per the wiki docs in HOWTO: Create Multiple Code Fee Sheet List Categories
written for OpenEMR 4.x one can add multiple types of codes to a custom fee sheet dropdown on the fee sheet.

In a v6.0.0 (3) production system and on the current v6.x demo
I’m seeing some anomalies that may be bugs but can’t tell if they’re related. And they don’t really break anything, but can be alarming if not expected.

First: add the custom fee sheet items to the fee sheet list per the wiki instructions, with no space between the number and the text:

and get this for the custom menu list:

and when you open the menu you get this interesting title bar:

Logging out and coming back to the encounter’s fee sheet does not fix it.

BUT- if you add a code- any code, CPT4, ICD10, whatever- it changes everything:

NOW- When you get to double- digit indexes for the menu item

it prepends the 2nd digit of the index to the displayed menu item.

For all the visual disturbances, in other ways the custom codes seem to work normally. I.e., when inserted onto the fee sheet they appear as expected and they transfer to the Fees/ Checkout screen just fine. Since the anomalies don’t seriously affect the fee sheet code functionality, I suppose there’s no cause for alarm, just cautions.

The cautions here might be:

  1. Contrary to the existing documentation a space between the fee sheet list menu item and the name does not seem to be necessary
  2. You must enter all 3 Fee Sheet list columns of a custom code- ‘Group’, ‘Option’, ‘Generates’- into the list editor before expecting the custom fee sheet menu to work normally
  3. If you put more than 9 codes in one custom menu item, it will prepend the 2nd digit of the ‘Option’ column item index number and show it in the custom menu listing.
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Thanks for the report @htuck , been working on it a little over the past year and will be good for me to update the wiki. Here’s one of the related threads that suggests using 01, 02, 03… when get above 9 entries.


@stephenwaite thanks for the reply and pointing out the related thread, I must have missed it when I looked for duplicate posts.
I’ll see if I can’t add the info to the wiki page here pretty quick.
Best- HT


Also recently fixed the checksum bug when saving to fee sheet options in the list editor. The 2nd save in a row was failing previously.

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v cool, good work!

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