Carecoodination Connection failed

Using Openemr 7.0.2 shared hosting from Namecheap have node.js installed but Carecoodination failed

We haven’t tested above node version 18.4 I believe.

I tried with the same version and was getting the same error it’s like It can’t detect nodejs

Install the CCDA service

Navigate to OpenEMR’s ccdaservice directory.

Initialize the project to create package.json, which will hold information about the app and which packages it depends on:
npm init

Select the default for all questions.

Shutdown running “node” processes by searching for them, finding their pid and killing them. Otherwise changes aren’t included until node is restarted.

Install required dependencies [Editor’s note: I do so without sudo (see, though OpenEMR’s ccdaservice recommends running it with sudo):
npm install --production

Thanks for the advice
I’m getting this