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Cannot create new patient (Cannot save 'Add Patient' form)

I complete the ‘Add Patient’ form and click ‘Create New Patient’. Nothing happens.

I am using OpenEMR 5 (just upgraded from version 4.2.2) with the latest patch applied, on Lubuntu 14.04.5 LTS.

I’d appreciate some help.

Many thanks.

HI @rdh61, sometimes after and upgrade you have to clear the cache in your browser to make sure it pulls the new scripts that were cached

Thank you Stephen, that did the trick.

But now I find the same thing happens when I try to edit ‘Medical Problems’. I click on the issue I wish to edit. Nothing happens. I have cleared my browser’s cache again, but the problem remains.

We tried the same and it works fine. Please check allow pop-up option in your browser. Also check your browser console for any javascript error. Let us know, If any clarifications.


Hi ViSolve, Thanks for your reply. Pop-ups are allowed. Not quite sure how to “check my browser console for any javascript error”. I’m using Chromium browser. Where would I look? (BTW, I get the same behaviour with Firefox.)

can you check it’s working on the demo for you?

Yes, on the demo when I click an issue in the ‘Medical Problems’ form, a pop up appears.

I’ve found out what the problem was. I had manually imported my edited version of the stats_full.php file from version 4.2.2. I have now restored the 5.0 version and it works normally. OK, I can work with that.

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Hi rdh61,
You can check your javascript error by following this step

1.while on your browser right click and select inspect element the console tab, there you can see the error logs


Hey! Now i have 7 errors and 1 warning, i dont know what to do


can anyone tell how to issue multiple drug in 1 prescription.


I have 7 errors and 1 warning, what to do? Thank you