Cannot change logo

I am trying to change the default logo of the OpenEMR 6 in my Debian 10 server, but still i am getting the default OpenEMR logo. I did substitute the default login-logo.png file in /var/www/html/openemr/public/images , cleared browser’s cache and also tried from a different machine. In all cases the default OpenEMR logo appears

instead of the new logo

I have the same problem. I installed the container in aws lightsail and tried to change the logo . I replaced the /public/images login_logo.png. It does not show up. Did you resolve this issue?.

Hi @Hari_Khanal and @atux_null
After running through each asset in the site folder, I found that the images for the logos and stylesheet for login were located under <site_name>/public/images/. Just replace them. with the same name.

This is applicable to version 5.0.2. I am still checking out 6.0.2. Sorry for the omission.


So sorry folks. The forum was not useful for version 6 and also most post and references were outdated.

Logos and other images are stored in public/images e.g. public/images/login-logo.png

To change branding then Globals Globals->Appearance->Application Title
And for what logo to display and how:

Thank you for the help. Unfortunately, it did not work as expected. Please allow me to explain (pls use the screencap as reference):

(1) I change the login-logo.png and nothing happen. It appear that the page is using login-logo.svg which i dont want.
(2) I set the title in Global->Appearance section. While it is fine that the page title got changed, the same title appeared smack in the middle of login title. I guess the same text is used in both areas. I need to change this title on the login title.
(3) System description of our own

There are some online free web tools that you can use to convert your logo I believe.
Otherwise you’ll have to modify login in file interface/login/login.php around L-327. You can change verbiage there as well.

please change the login-logo.svg

@sjpadgett @yousufttp , thank you. I converted and set the login-logo already. It works. Looks like the wiki and .png file in directory are outdated/redundant.

Amending the core code is something i would strongly discourage. In Espocrm, they provide a folder “Custom” and in it we could put all our modified code. The app will load a code block from “custom” first before loading its own code. When new version are installed, the “custom” folder is never overridden and it will be up to us to fix our own code where required.

Is there such a facility in OpenEMR? If there is none, then OpenEMR developers should seriously consider this and implement it in the next major release.

@murugappan We have a similar mechanism called modules that allows you to load custom code and interact with the system via our events similar to the wordpress actions / filters. Its a fairly new mechanism and we are adding new events into the system all the time. We have two types of modules, laminas modules using the laminas framework, and custom modules which let you do whatever you want from the launch point of an openemr.bootstrap.php file inside your module folder.

If you search the forums you’ll see lots of posts on modules…

Also, as this is open source we are very happy to take pull requests, free to jump in and add any missing functionality you see. For example customizing the logo would be a great place to launch a filtering event and should be a fairly simple place to get familiar with OpenEMR development.