CAMOS safe to use or buggy

Hi All,

First of all thanks for this great piece of software that is helping millions around the world.

I have a question about CAMOS document. I see it un-registered by default in 6.0.0 version. Also in documentation it says something like not yet production ready and you may loose all your data.

Is it really not yet production ready? Are people around the world using it? I gave it a try amd it seems to work for me. I am on a Ubuntu 20.04 box with a docker setup of OpenEMR 6.0.0


CAMOS has been in production for some time. The documentation is out of date with the codebase. You can enable it and test it to see if it fits your workflow.


Thank you. Will give it a try. Below warning looks scary :slight_smile: . That is why I wanted verify here. Thanks again.

“NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE YET! Try on test servers only where lost data will not be important.”

Can you post a link to the page where you read that statement?

@juggernautsei sorry for the late reply. I was following this doc. CAMOS module - OpenEMR Project Wiki. It is at the end of the doc. Also I have seen something similar ( not the exact ) warning where it says “use only if you are ok risking your data getting deleted” kind of warning. Let me find that place too and paste here.

Thanks for that link. The documentation has not kept up with the system. Most of that was written in version 4. In my opinion, the warning is only for the Import/Export section. Not the entire CMOS. Have you tested the form yet?


Yes I am testing it right now. It seems to work pretty well. Just not sure can it be used to generate reports by categories/sub categories later. For example, if I want to filter out patients with certain sub category, can I do that? I haven’t being able to work around on that yet.

Side Note
I found the other place I was referring to. It is again in the help section. Below are the exact wording. Possibility of corrupting data is the concerning sentence for me. Others are pretty much expected.

" WARNING: The CAMOS form has been tested, but there is the possibility that bugs exist which may corrupt your data. It is also possible that the use of this form may lead to the incorrect entry of data. The data provided in the three columns upon initial installation of CAMOS is for demonstration purposes only. It is recommended that you delete all of it and start over with your own, carefully planned, structure of categories, subcategories and items. The included data may be incorrect and should not be used and the author of this software assumes no liability for any damage that occurs as a result of the data or as a result of the use of the CAMOS form in general."