CAMOS not working properly after upgrading from 5.0.0 (7) to 5.0.1 (6)


When in patient encounter able to enter CONTENT and SUBMIT ALL CONTENT and then receive “submitted: xxxxxxx” as before, however, when clicking LEAVE THE FORM the display returns to the encounter but CAMOS is not listed in the encounter. To get CAMOS listed, you need to pull up another encounter and then go back to original encounter.

My practice uses CAMOS for everything from prescriptions to work notes and this extra step slows down workflow.

OpenEMR Version
5.0.1 (6)

I’m using Firefox 62.0 and SeaMonkey 2.49.4 browsers.

Operating System
I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.3 running php 7.0.32

No logs

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @jtenny ,

Thanks for the bug report. CAMOS got a bit clobbered bugwise in 5.0.1 . I thought patch 6 fixed all the bugs, but looks like we still have 1 more left.



Thank you Brady and all the other developers for your support.

One other bug to look at in 5.0.1 is when the View Past Encounters tab is clicked, the software no longer displays past encounters with associated forms. This feature is valuable in getting a snapshot of the patient’s prior visits and what was done.

Thanks again,