CAMOS Module Installation

(Dave Kasprzak) #1

When I try to install the CAMOS module it tells me a duplicate exists -1 error and stops. I cannot find out whats causing this error. There is no previous install of CAMOS on the system.

(Brady Miller) #2

hi @davekasprzak ,
Sounds like you may of installed CAMOS already (maybe an incomplete install).

One option would be to remove the CAMOS form tables and try the install again: In Administration->Other->Database, should remove following tables via phpmyadmin; form_CAMOS, form_CAMOS_category, form_CAMOS_item, and form_CAMOS_subcategory.

You also may need to remove the CAMOS entry in the mysql registry table.

Also, to clarify, you should be installing the form (also does database stuff) in Administration->Other->Forms


(Dave Kasprzak) #3

I installed and programmed in a lot of data into CAMOS for history and physical. How do I print out a report to send to the hospital for the chart? I am using version

(ViSolve) #4

Hope the below link will provide you a detailed information about the CAMOS Module.
Please check.
Let us know if you have further questions.


(Liqin Wu) #5

Hi sir,
I saw your post but how to remove CAMOS entry in the mysql registry table?
Where is mysql registry table? I dropped 4 tables you mentioned but still does not work to install CAMOS.

thx a lot.