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CAMOS - Categories, Subcategories and Items... All gone and not working anymore!

Dear all,

So, this is how it happened… I had installed CAMOS and use it normally, with some Categories, Subcategories and Items that I have created.

Then I imported ICD9 codes via Administration > External data load.

After that CAMOS Categories, Subcategories and Items were all gone and worst of all, I was not able to add any new Categories, Subcategories or Items. You can see it in picture how it’s looking now.

Just to mention, for the purposes of importing ICD10 I have made changes in php.ini (mysqli.allow_local_infile = On) and my.ini (added local_infile=1)

Does anyone experienced this issue and does anyone have any idea about fixing this? At least I would like to have ability to create new Categories, Subcategories and Items…

Thanks in advance


Few additional info
Just to mention, version is 5.0.2

I have tried Disable/Enabe CAMOS form again
Also, tried this one from help

Trouble Shooting


Data in the ‘category’, ‘subcategory’ and ‘item’ columns and the ‘content’ box disappear and the form becomes non-functional (none of the buttons do anything). - This is caused by bugs that corrupt the Javascript code as it is generated by PHP. We hope that these bugs have been eliminated, but there is the possibility of unforseen use that may cause it to happen again. First, exit the form and re-enter it. If everything comes back as normal, remove the most recently entered data into the form. If not, you will have to go into the database to correct the problem. Be careful to back up your data first. If your most recent entry before the problem was to the ‘category’ column, remove the last entry to the form_CAMOS_category table. If your most recent entry before the problem was to the ‘subcategory’ column, remove the last entry to the form_CAMOS_subcategory table. If your most recent entry before the problem was to the ‘item’ column, remove the last entry to the form_CAMOS_item table. If your most recent entry before the problem was to the ‘content’ box, remove the last entry to the form_CAMOS_item table. Please make a note of the offending data which caused the problem and report it on the OpenEMR project forum.

Other bugs or unusual behavior - please report to the forum at the above link."

Still nothing, I cannot add any Categories, Subcategories nor Items in form even I have see them in mySQL…

Looks like form is simply not showing any data…

And yes, I have deleted all content from CAMOS related tables and still no luck…

I did the same steps. I have the same problem on Ubuntu and Centos. Also to install ICD-10 I modified php.ini mysqli.allow_local_infile = On. Please help

@luisuriarte @damir.skenderovic
Was either of you able to get this working? Please let me know.

I did not and I had to find workaround with some other forms…

I see the javascript is broken. I will see if I can fix it. What version are you having this issue in?

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It is on 5.0.2 on Windows (XAMPP)

Have you installed any patches? This screenshot is from 5.0.2(5). Not a real patient.

No patches… I’ll try with that then

I use Openemr V6.0. Probe on Ubuntu 10.20 with Php 7.4.3, apache 2.4.41, mysql 8.0.23 and on Centos 8.3 with php 8.0.2, apache 2.4.37, mariadb 15.1. These are servers that I use for testing. It should be clarified that you copy some tables from another server: patient_data, documents, categories_to_documents and all procedure_ *.
In clean install, CAMOS works.
In test and several updates, CAMOS does not work.

OpenEMR V 6.0 updated from V 5.01 in Centos 8.3

Try removing the form and reinstalling it. There seems to be corrupt data somewhere that can cause this issue.

I found because there is issue. If it is checked in Globals / features “Enable Text Templates in Encounter Forms”, CAMOS is empty. Unchecked that feature CAMOS works fine

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