Calendar performance

(ViSolve) #1

We are in the process of analyzing and addressing the Calendar OpenEMR performance issue which was posted in this forum on and off.
If you have experienced a performance issue with the OpenEMR calendar, could please reply to this thread by explaining the scenario or query.
-ViSolve OpenEMR Support team

(MD Support) #2

We found recurring appointments to be a major drag on performance since it requires repeated evaluation of all records with type=recurring. This was partially mitigated with two operational changes -

  1. For events that are repeating in principle but not so in practice
    Common examples would be annual physical, monthly follow-up etc. In practice it is extremely rare that a patient would keep showing up on every July 5th for annual physical for n years. It is better to have rules based reminders that do not affect performance of demographics screen.

  2. For rare instances when events are truly recurring, convert past events to normal events on a daily basis so the php routine goes through minimal iterations.

(MD Support) #3

@visolveemr, It would be worthwhile to incorporate / extend tplaner’s when class and migrate to a true appointment class instead of current code. That approach is easier for all to understand, maintain and extend the calendar functions.