Calendar load limits

I’ve always heard that the calendar should not be scheduled too far in advance because it puts a load on the server every time the calendar is opened. But what objective values are involved?
Would a schedule of 30 providers pre-booked for 6 months be expected to overload a generic google cloud install? How many could you book for 12 months without seeing any degradation in performance?

  • Harley

I’m interested as well to know if anyone has benchmarking on this.

I know that a repeated calendar event is stored as a single database record in the database for ALL the repeated events for that entry and then everything is calculated and populated inside of a loop in the getEvents function. It’s a very intensive function and I’m not sure why the data storage was implemented this way as I can see it as a huge problem for any kind of larger clinic. It also makes dealing with it at the API level a pain in the neck.