Calendar appointment "Comments" should be changed to "Chief Complaint"

I just wanted to throw this out there that the Comments on the calendar that is connected to the visit reason that is connected to the billing should be changed.

It should be changed to Chief Complaint. Everyone knows what that is no matter the provider’s specialty.
Right now, it is still arbitrary if it gets filled in or not. There should be validation on the form that this field is filled out. The system has a note in the encounter to fill out the visit reason. It should be taken a step feather. This would aid everyone using the system.

if($('#form_comments').val() == '') {
    alert('<?php echo xls("Please enter a chief complaint "); ?>');
    $('#form_save').attr('disabled', false);
    return false;

Hi @juggernautsei I know what you mean, to my way of thinking that ought to be changed to something like, Presenting Problem, or as you mentioned, Chief Complaint, which is what many of the people who use that field put in there. But some of them use it for other purposes- it’s a generic enough note that it can be pressed into service for lots of different uses.
But that’s the key- a lot of our customers do not use it, or use it for other things. From a workflow versatility perspective, I’d be worried that making it a required field, and only for a Chief Complaint, would limit its utility and make it a stumbling block. As it is now, the ones who do use it can, and the ones who don’t use it don’t have to.
Know what I mean?

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@htuck I see what you are saying and with my limited view of the world. It made sense. However, I do understand that the software serves a very diverse community of people and practices. That is one reason I did not make a PR out of this but just wanted to drop a message out here that could be found. If there is a practice that needs to make that entry mandatory, they have a ready-made jquery script that can be dropped into the code.

V cool- that’s good to know!
And let’s get some searchable terms in this forum for people to look for who want to, eh?
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