Bulk upload patient


(jitendra joshi) #1

Can anyone tell how to upload bulk patient basic details in openemr

(ViSolve) #2

Currently the feature is not available in OpenEMR. If you have data in csv or excel file, you can write an script to extract the details from the file and make an corresponding insert to the tables. We suggest that script will make your work simpler.


(jitendra joshi) #3

thanks sir.

Can you share any link where the basic document is available for workflow of OPENEMR.

(ViSolve) #4

Hope below link could help you to understand the workflow


(jitendra joshi) #5

getting error during installation please solve

unable to execute SQL: ‘CREATE TABLE addresses ( id int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’, line1 varchar(255) default NULL, line2 varchar(255) default NULL, city varchar(255) default NULL, state varchar(35) default NULL, zip varchar(10) default NULL, plus_four varchar(4) default NULL, country varchar(255) default NULL, foreign_id int(11) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY foreign_id (foreign_id)) ENGINE=InnoDB’ due to: Table ‘openemr.addresses’ already exists

(Daniel) #6

You might have to remove the database and start over. It looks like you may have interrupted the install process then restarted it. If you need assistance with an import script, I have done this in the past.

(jitendra joshi) #7

hi sir

I want to change sub menu list display order,how we can do that?
For example when we go for patient and choose visit foams option,so the vital option shows on bottom of screen,i want to see in top of foam list>Please help