Bug Report: Billing Manager Marked as Cleared not working as designed


(Jerry P) #81

Sorry, I forgot about the new BillingUtilities class. I usually let git or PhpStorm help me with the conflicts between version. Git is good about place marking conflicts but PhpStorm will allow you to select version to overwrite new version where they differ.
For sure Brady or I have no plans to create any new patches for 501 but if you need this for 501, it is doable without too much work.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #82

If you could post a file here for 501 that would be helpful. Thank you.

(Jerry P) #83

I’d didn’t say i’d do it. I just suggest it is not too hard to do…

(Sherwin Gaddis) #84

Gotcha!! Working on it now… I’ll post it when I am finished with the diff.